Empowering women leaders & entrepreneurs

Our Mission

“There is a woman at the beginning of all great things”

At INwomen, we want to encourage women to aspire to heights they can barely dream of. We want to break the glass ceiling holding aspirational women back and, most importantly, we want to encourage, support and mentor the women of today, so that they will be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

The Evolution of woman

The past century has witnessed drastic change in “a woman’s traditional role”. The world has woken up and realised that the deep-rooted diamond they often underestimated, is strong, powerful and beautiful; she is the woman. She is behind life-changing inventions like computers and Kevlar, and has orchestrated technological, scientific and social change within society, helping leading countries with the development of their prosperous economies. She has taken herself from being a mother, the matriarchal leader, to businesswoman, entrepreneur, boss and universal leader.


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